Here, I prove that equality has no intrinsic value.* [*Based on: “Non-Egalitarianism,” Philosophical Studies 114 (2003): 147-71.] 1. The Thesis Egalitarianism holds that equality is intrinsically good, or (perhaps better) that inequality is intrinsically
(Note: Of course I don’t know whether you in particular are underpaid. But a lot fewer people are underpaid than think they are.) Many people have an…
A Mostly Common Sense Guide to Philosophy
4 Blurb America’s legal system harbors serious, widespread injustices. Many defendants are sent to prison for…
3 Blurb Worldwide each year, 74 billion animals are slaughtered on factory farms, at the end of a life of suffering…
3 Blurb Paradox Lost covers ten mind-boggling philosophical paradoxes, in which seemingly compelling reasoning leads…
2 Blurb From ancient times, infinity has been steeped in paradox. According to one famous argument, nothing can ever…
2 Blurb A foundational assumption of political philosophy is that some governments possess a moral property known as…
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Bet On It
Bet On It
Bryan Caplan
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Good Thoughts
Richard Y Chappell
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Astral Codex Ten
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